EduCity in Iskandar Malaysia: A world-class education hub for Malaysia and the region

24 July 2012

EduCity is one of the most important developments in Iskandar Malaysia, being a catalytic project that represents a significant investment in the area of education, which is key to the future of both Iskandar Malaysia and the nation.

The development of EduCity is aligned with one of the main objectives of the Ninth Malaysia Plan which is to promote Malaysia as a centre of educational excellence. Being in the strategically-located Iskandar Malaysia area, the education enclave will make world-class education more accessible to Malaysians. It is also poised to be a regional education hub offering world-class education within a six-hour flight radius of major Asian cities.

Specifically, EduCity encompasses an area of 305 acres and is situated within Nusajaya, Johor and. It is located nearby Medini Iskandar (“Medini”), which is the central business district of Nusajaya. EduCity is accessible via the Coastal Highway that directly links Medini with Johor Bahru city centre and with the Malaysian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex for travelers arriving from Singapore via the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link expressway.

EduCity is a project undertaken by Khazanah Nasional (“Khazanah”) under the third pillar of our mandate, which is to make new economy investments as well as investments in new geographies, such as China and India, that are strategic to Malaysia’s future. Iskandar Investment Berhad (“IIB”), a 60% subsidiary of Khazanah, is the primary driver of EduCity’s development. IIB was established in 2006 as a catalytic developer to form joint ventures and collaborations with other investors and developers to accelerate development in Iskandar Malaysia. EduCity is also an Entry Point Project (“EPP”) under the Government’s Economic Transformation Programme.

The ongoing development of the education enclave is being undertaken via a best-of-breed approach in bringing high quality education to Malaysia. It is conceptualized as an integrated academic hub that covers the entire education spectrum – pre-school, primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. At the tertiary level, EduCity’s multi-varsity philosophy will see global education providers of various disciplines being established within the enclave.

Strategically, EduCity will act as a feeder of talent to support the various economic activities in Iskandar Malaysia. At full capacity, will be equipped and is expected to accommodate 16,000 students across various levels of education.

The education enclave’s pioneer tenant is Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (“NuMED”), which was officially opened on 1 November 2011 by His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, with an intake of 80 undergraduates. NuMED forecasts that its Iskandar Malaysia campus will have up to 900 students by 2015.

The ongoing development in EduCity is seeing the construction of facilities at various stages of progress. They include:

  • International Students’ Village, which is situated on a five-acre site and will provide student accommodation. The facility is set to begin operations in August 2012.
  • Stadium and Sports Complex, which is a first-class sports complex with a football pitch, indoor arena, aquatic centre, 400-metre running track, and a 12,000-seat stadium. The facility is nearing completion and is scheduled to be opened in September 2012.
  • Multi-Varsity Enterprise Complex, which will house several institutions of higher learning that are officially opening their doors this year, as well as a creative multimedia school and hospitality in the future. The Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology and University of Southampton Malaysia will move into the complex and begin operations in September 2012.

In addition, several other education institutions will also establish a presence in EduCity. These are:

  • Raffles American School, which is an academy catering to schoolchildren ranging from pre-kindergarten to the 12th Grade. Its permanent campus is scheduled to be completed in August 2014.
  • Marlborough College Iskandar Malaysia, which is a co-ed independent boarding and day school for children from the ages of 11 to 18 years. It will also have a day preparatory school for children aged five to 11 years. The college campus is situated on a 90-acre site and will comprise a broad range of sporting facilities within its grounds. These include nine grass pitches, a cricket ground, 50-metre swimming pool, a junior swimming pool, six tennis courts, netball courts and an all-weather pitch for hockey, as well as indoor facilities for basketball, volleyball, badminton and squash. The college will officially open in August 2012.
  • Raffles University Iskandar, which is scheduled to begin operations at its EduCity campus by the end of 2014.
  • University of Reading, which targets to open in 2015 upon completion of its campus in EduCity. The campus is the university’s largest single development project in its history.
  • Multimedia University, which will set up a branch campus that is set to open in September 2014.

With the many developments proceeding on schedule and set to open over the next two year, EduCity is well on its way towards becoming a “best-in-class” higher education destination with a superior urban environment in which students and staff can live, work, study and play.

The education enclave will be a key component of socio-economic development in Iskandar Malaysia and will play an integral role in making Iskandar Malaysia a strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing. In our next article in this series, we will highlight the progress and development of Khazanah’s initiatives in the leisure and tourism sector in Iskandar Malaysia.

* The overall development framework for Iskandar Malaysia is explained in detail in the Comprehensive Development Plan, Chapter 2: Vision and Objectives.

(This article was prepared by the Communications and External Relations Unit together with the Investments Division)

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